Thursday, August 23, 2007

226.2 recashing the check

The old school methods are working like a charm. I want to be at 220 by next monday. Although my legs are a little sore from all the walking. Here is a great link to an hour long interview of donna krench by Bob Burg.
It was pretty motivating. The 5 miles a day is old wrinkle I have added to my lineup.
update 4/24
Weighed in at 226.8


Anonymous said...

What are the old school methods you are speaking of? Cutting off your fingers and toes?

Oscar G.
Lancaster, Ca

Anonymous said...

Where you at white boy.
You a dumb ass trick cracker.


Anonymous said...

You mama in the pokie.


angelfish24 said...

What old school methods are ya doing? Walking but diff. diet too?

Glad you are back on track.

Anonymous said...

the 80/20, yea im sure you will gain 80 pounds in the next 20 weeks.

Anonymous said...

awesome work gorgeous boy! 220 is a big goal - but totally doable with your current motivatioN!

texasgal said...

Interesting interview, thanks for sharing it.

Spidey said...

Fat Daddy is at 232, so he is catching up to you and will pass you if you don't get moving!