Sunday, August 26, 2007

Whack-A-Mole and Walking Willie

The fake captain changes blogging id's like a whack a mole. The quick and dirty way to tell the difference is that my blogger id ends with 2259. It would take him 10,000 tries to match that code. Although since he doesn't have a job he might have time to do it!
I have to concede this cabin troll has been effectively shut my site down and has made blogging more of a chore instead of a fun way to interact with my fellow weigh loss winners. Less and less normal people post here anymore. A big final fifty thank you for those who have stuck it out.However, I may be shutting the entire site down in a few weeks. Maybe over40andlivingathome beat me? Who would think that this would be the villain that took the captain and his site down? On a postive note I have been a walking willie and have kept up the 5 miles a day. C-YA on the flipside.
The Captain


Anonymous said...

I saw your comment on one of my friend's blogs. I am just wondering if I should also delete the posts, save them, transfer to CD, then put them back up like you said. Just let me know. I'll be waiting.
Sorry for posting ANON as I don't want the villains, rogues, and other people hijacking my site and rendering the avatar/link useless like they did to you.
You can do it Captain. Defeat Lord Mongo and The Villains. I am a huge "Warlocks and Wizards" fan, too. Your site has always provided me with a great way for me to escape and live in world that no one else can.

Aye Aye Captain.


Anonymous said...

Is this Walking Willie a real person or a fictional character you are trying to defeat in life's daily battles? Was just curious. Love your blog man!!!!!!!!!!

Brent Mason, USA

Anonymous said...

Too Funny!
You say, "Less and less normal people post here".....You probably meant to say "Less and less in shape people post here".....Still all the same fatties!

You say, "Thanks for sticking it out." To a fat person, that sounds like a lot of work.....ha ha ha ha ha Of course their bellies are always stickin' out!

Off to work now. A two and half hour drive ahead of us.

Me-Oh-My-Oh on the Bayou

Anonymous said...

Just how many villains are trying to beat? There are so many characters, I am finding it hard to keep up and to be quite frank, I am confused.

Bernard H. in Greater L.A., United States of America

Anonymous said...

Domo arigato, Mr. Roboto, domo...domo
Domo arigato, Mr. Roboto, domo...domo
Domo arigato, Mr. Roboto, domo...domo


Anonymous said...


Is that you walking in the pic. If not, it is funny. That guy looks like a nerd.
Home from my first day of school sick.
Lots of new characters, huh? Did you ever get Lord Mongo?
Wish you luck.

Tim Jackson

Anonymous said...

Is this for real or just another sexual joke? Whacking a mole on your willie? Coincidence?


Spidey said...

I find it hard to understand what is going on. As far as the less people posting, keep in mind that you don't need fair-weather friends. They stroke your ego by creating the illusion of volume, but they do not add much.

You have real blog friends, and those are the ones that stick with you no matter what. Also, a lot of people are busy with vacations and school.

Don't feel bad, and lay off the hootch.