Monday, July 30, 2007

Four Fingers Down

I weighed in at 220.8 which is 80 percent of my goal. Focus,focus, and focus some more and I will be in the teens next week. Back to the Gym

Villain Voice issue 7

The trolls are back in town. Have fun reading their rants.
The Captain

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Geeked out at comic-con and updated weight

The Captain went to Comic-Con in San Diego last week. It was a real past meets the future blast. I never thought the event for us nerds could be this huge. Movie premires,video games,expo's for current artist and writers,the old timers, and free comics everywhere. It was a regular geek-o-rama. I am still reading all the comics I bought, and catching up with the Marvel Ultimate universe. "What if" all of us weight loss bloggers traded places with the Avengers. Would it be easier for us to drop weight if we had superpowers? Would Steve Rogers,Tony Stark, and Peter Parker pack on the pounds if they "walked" in our shoes?
Well, I will post my weight tommorrow. Hopefully, I dropped a pound. Sometimes after a big loss I get either a get a goose egg or a paltry loss. Either way there is no stopping this cyborg. Hasta la Vista Villains. Same Bat Time, Same Bat Channel.
update 7/30/2007
Although not a goose egg I lost .4 pounds and now weigh in at 220.8. I am going to put myself on double secret probation to buckle down to break into the teens.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Shake Rattle and Roll

kunkel chronicles 1

Add to My Profile | More VideosIf sodas are so bad for us why do we go to such extraordinary lengths go buy them? Personally I am never going to stop drinking them. Although I do now drink a lot of tea, but nothing and I repeat nothing beats a coke zero in the morning. Forget Coffee, give me a cold drink in the winter.
Well, I am off to the comic book convention to geek out. Hopefully, I can get some great interviews there. Have a great week.

Monday, July 23, 2007

221.2 Eleven more pounds to go and return of the fake captain

I watched the original Ocean's 11 before I watched the original. They were both great movies, but I would vote for the Frank Sinatra Sammy Davis as clearly being the best. Sometimes in weight loss looking back to a time when a person was successful can be motivating.
It was a great week this week. The weeks you are on top really get you through those goose egg and backward weeks. After I hit 210, which is my final fifty goal, I am going to set a new marker of 199 by Sept. 25th. I feel my 39th birthday is a perfec date to start my new journey. I desire to not only be a person with a bmi of 24.9, but to evolve into a fit over forty individual who is always in the top 5 percent of the nation. Staying focussed is the key to opening this exciting door of a challenging new life.
update 7/23/07
The evil captain is back posting. If you get one of his messages just delete it. It is sad to see self loathing obese people not getting the help they desperately need.

Villain Voice: Issue 6

Barry Bonds hit 753 a few days ago. He now needs 3 more to go to break the great Hank Aaron's record. The more boos Barry gets the more potent his bat becomes and the jeerers actually become his homerun fuel.
The villains helped the captain regroup,refocus, and rebound in order to lose over 3 pounds this week and say no to the real life rogue of fries with dinner! Fuel for the weight loss machine? Always!! Better luck next guys. Maybe there is an old lady crossing the street you can trip. Keep being mean, but never lean. maybe someday you can moe out of your parents basement.

Monday, July 16, 2007

225.6 1 pound higher

Sometimes the scales do not match your feelings. I really felt I was going to weigh 222 or 223, but facts are a funny thing sometimes. I guess it is better luck next time for me and if I am not careful the villains will run the score up.
I think my problem is that I have been eating to many tomatoes. Sometimes over 10 a day and I need to be more dilligent in my calorie counting. Looking to the weight loss winners will be my inspiration this week. Good job for everyone who discarded bodyfat this week.

Villain Voice issue 5

Overconfidence blindsided the Captain this week. A gain of 1 pound puts the poundage at 225.6. Not to cool Jeff Rhodes. Al Jolson's standing on top of the world was demolished by,"The Top" who countered the silver age flash's powers. I need to be careful and not to replace glutony with pride. Stay humble and stay focussed. It looks like the villains won this week. Good job guys!!! Back to the Batcave. Alfred, What's for dinner?


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Monday, July 09, 2007

Standing on top of the world

The Captain hit 224.6. Al Jolson was right,"I am standing on top of the world" It wasn't always this way, but it is now. Never going Back. Never never never!!!
Thanks for all the positive comments and big time props to Cactus for losing 4 lbs. and Half the Man losing a "Whopper" of 5 lbs. Good job. Thanks to the guy impersonating me. You really gave some me some motivation.
Jeff Rhodes

Friday, July 06, 2007

The Captain stuck at 226.4

Although I lost .4 pounds I wasn't able to crack into 225 land. The 5's and 0's have always been milestone for me, and it would have represented 70 percent of my final fifty objectives. It makes me feel like a real punk/piker for failing to hit this goal. If I had just not eaten that Turkey club with french fries on the road last night I would have hit this homerun. Instead I struck out. I am adopting Spidey's motto,"Lose weight Now", but right now the Rogues can tell me "Better luck next time chump"
Villains 7,Captain 0 I think the trolls will score a few more touchdowns if I keep neglecting to focus on my mission I will definately throw an interception and have a regain. Thanks for all the encouragement both positive and negative and I will definately put an update tommorrow morning with my new poundage. "Lose weight Now" has nice ring to it.
Update 7/7/2007
I weighed in at 224.6. 200 by my 39th birthday

Villain Voice issue 4: The Evil Twin

Well it has an event filled couple of days with the Captain being impersonated by an evil twin posting both on my blogs and the blogs that I frequent. He/She gets an A for effort and is the featured Villain of the week. Unfortunately, I failed to hit my goal and the evil Captain kicked my ass. Good job!!!

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

227 lbs. 17 to go!!! and the captain is impersonated!!!

The Captain is back on track. Hopefully one more week will give me 223 which will give me a bmi of 27 and put me one step closer to my goal of 200 by my 39th birthday. Thanks for all the positive feedback.
update 7/4/2007
Weighed in at 226.8
The captain was impersonated by an evil Captain America and Bucky. I wanted to thank this troll for his creativity. Just for the record I am not going to start up a bondage and fetish site. Better luck next time guys!!!!!

Villain Voice Issue 3

I wanted to thank the villains and the failed superhero for the inspiration to lose another pound. 227 is the captain's new weight. As Ben Affleck told Samuel L Jackson in the movie Changing Lanes,"Better luck next time" C-YA in the funny papers guys!!!
The Captain