Sunday, July 29, 2007

Geeked out at comic-con and updated weight

The Captain went to Comic-Con in San Diego last week. It was a real past meets the future blast. I never thought the event for us nerds could be this huge. Movie premires,video games,expo's for current artist and writers,the old timers, and free comics everywhere. It was a regular geek-o-rama. I am still reading all the comics I bought, and catching up with the Marvel Ultimate universe. "What if" all of us weight loss bloggers traded places with the Avengers. Would it be easier for us to drop weight if we had superpowers? Would Steve Rogers,Tony Stark, and Peter Parker pack on the pounds if they "walked" in our shoes?
Well, I will post my weight tommorrow. Hopefully, I dropped a pound. Sometimes after a big loss I get either a get a goose egg or a paltry loss. Either way there is no stopping this cyborg. Hasta la Vista Villains. Same Bat Time, Same Bat Channel.
update 7/30/2007
Although not a goose egg I lost .4 pounds and now weigh in at 220.8. I am going to put myself on double secret probation to buckle down to break into the teens.


Spidey said...

Post more photos! More story! What did you do, who did you meet, etx!

Penelope said...

My inner geek has always wanted to go to comic com. I WANT DETAILS.

-- Karen