Monday, July 16, 2007

Villain Voice issue 5

Overconfidence blindsided the Captain this week. A gain of 1 pound puts the poundage at 225.6. Not to cool Jeff Rhodes. Al Jolson's standing on top of the world was demolished by,"The Top" who countered the silver age flash's powers. I need to be careful and not to replace glutony with pride. Stay humble and stay focussed. It looks like the villains won this week. Good job guys!!! Back to the Batcave. Alfred, What's for dinner?


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Anonymous said...

A big plate of pyscbable master Bruce. Enough for your sicophant as well sir.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Hey master blogger,
Get with the program and be a Master Jogger! You look like you belong in Star Trek. Beam me up Scotty.

The Captain "KIRK"

Anonymous said...

The Crabster doesn't like weight gain. The Crabster thinks weight gain is for losers. The Crabster thinks you are losing it. The Crabster recommends that you get a grip on it before you lose it.

Crabby McSlutty

Anonymous said...

MELBOURNE, Fla. - A doctor accused of groping a woman while he was dressed as comic book superhero Captain America has agreed to apologize to her as part of a bid to avoid trial, his lawyer said.

Raymond Douglas Adamcik, 54, was charged with misdemeanor battery, disorderly conduct, resisting an officer without violence and marijuana possession in connection with the April 21 incident at the On Tap Sports Cafe and Lounge.

Police said Adamcik groped the woman and knocked her boyfriend to the floor during a costume party. He also was charged with felony destruction of evidence after authorities said he tried to flush a marijuana cigarette down a toilet, but prosecutors reduced the charge to misdemeanor possession.

If Adamcik performs 75 hours of community service, avoids contact with his alleged victim other than to write a letter of apology and does not return to the bar, the charges will be dismissed, said his attorney, Gary Eisenmenger.

Court records show Adamcik also is required to pay about $900 in investigative and court costs, submit to random alcohol and drug testing and comply with a program for treatment of depression associated with publicity surrounding the incident.

Eisenmenger said it is unlikely a misdemeanor conviction would have put Adamcik at risk of losing his medical license.

However, the doctor did lose his job, according to Melbourne Internal Medicine Associates, which oversaw Adamcik's clinic. Deborah Young, director of physician services, said he was fired last Friday.

"We felt that he would benefit from a fresh start elsewhere and we felt that it was important for us to maintain our outstanding reputation in the community," Young said.

"Captain America sez: Don't fondle women at bars when you are wearing your costume."