Friday, July 06, 2007

The Captain stuck at 226.4

Although I lost .4 pounds I wasn't able to crack into 225 land. The 5's and 0's have always been milestone for me, and it would have represented 70 percent of my final fifty objectives. It makes me feel like a real punk/piker for failing to hit this goal. If I had just not eaten that Turkey club with french fries on the road last night I would have hit this homerun. Instead I struck out. I am adopting Spidey's motto,"Lose weight Now", but right now the Rogues can tell me "Better luck next time chump"
Villains 7,Captain 0 I think the trolls will score a few more touchdowns if I keep neglecting to focus on my mission I will definately throw an interception and have a regain. Thanks for all the encouragement both positive and negative and I will definately put an update tommorrow morning with my new poundage. "Lose weight Now" has nice ring to it.
Update 7/7/2007
I weighed in at 224.6. 200 by my 39th birthday


Dawn said...

Keep on, keeping on, Captain. You will get there.

I'll wait for Penelope to turn up and interpret the sports jargon. That cat knows everything!

Christine said...

BMI. I am unsure as you how do share this? I am 5 foot 8 if that helps. Take care and thanks again for keeping an eye on me.

ArleneWKW said...

You think you're a "a real punk/piker for failing to hit this goal."

I think you're hard on yourself. You got rid of .4 lbs. You're going in the right direction. How about making that Villains 6, Captain 4.

Not giving yourself credit for what you've done can be a form of sabatage (sp?). At least it's been so for me.

"The Captain" said...

Thanks Dawn,christine, and arlene

Half Man said...

Come on Captain, You have lost around 19 lbs in less than 2 months. That is awesome. I have lost 14 in the same amount of time, but as a percentage of total body weight, you lost 8% of your body weight while I lost only 4% of mine.

Don't be so hard on yourself. You're doing great.

Spidey said...

Comment moderation? What happened?

Anyhow, you are doing great on the weight.

"The Captain" said...

Thanks Spidey and halfman.

Anonymous said...

Do real people ever post on here?