Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Shake Rattle and Roll

kunkel chronicles 1

Add to My Profile | More VideosIf sodas are so bad for us why do we go to such extraordinary lengths go buy them? Personally I am never going to stop drinking them. Although I do now drink a lot of tea, but nothing and I repeat nothing beats a coke zero in the morning. Forget Coffee, give me a cold drink in the winter.
Well, I am off to the comic book convention to geek out. Hopefully, I can get some great interviews there. Have a great week.


Half Man said...

I used to drink soda. Then I drank diet soda. Then I just stopped drinking soda. It never really quenched my thirst. If I am thirsty, I drink water. If I want a pick me up, I drink black coffee. If I want to relax, I drink some herbal tea. Actually, since I started my journey of fitness, I don't drink coffee any more (not for health reasons).

Dawn said...

I'm not a soda drinker at all - diet or otherwise - so I don't have that battle. Half man's method of different drinks for different purposes sounds very sensible.

Enjoy yourself at the Comic Book Convention.

Anonymous said...

Mr Rhodes, Kudos on your phenomenal wieght loss. You are truly to be commended. With that said, you appear to be putting a "tad" much emphasis on BMI (Body Mass Index). BMI is a almost a worthless indicator of a healthy individual's level of fitness, obesity, or anything else. We all know males and females are physically much different, yet the same erroneous BMI calculations are applied to each. Furthermore, as a personal trainer and wieght lifter, most (if not all) of my clients are considered "obese" by these calculations. At the same time, I see many unfit individuals with excessive body fat and minimal muscle mass that qualify as "fit." Check the facts, at least three members of the committee that established BMI as a level of "fitness" have ties to the pharmacutical industry. By deeming a larger % of the population as "overweight", they have a larger market for there weight loss drugs and various alternatives. It is actually a large hoax. We could actually go further and mathematically dissprove the calculations inherent in BMI but that is another discussion (eg the established calculations are two dimensional, where they shoud be three....have you ever met a two dimensional person? And the squaring of the height is a fallacy as well...food for thought.) Well, continued success in your mission, you are looking great. Just do some research and I think you will agree. BMI makes no sense.

Robert - Newport Beach

Anonymous said...

Robert dont encourage this freak, he is referring to the Big Monster Index, not the body mass index. And I bet a 1000 bucks he had his stomach removed, fat dudes don't just lose 150 pounds. By the way, Jeff is a 25 on the big monster index, and the scale only goes from 1-10.


Anonymous said...

maybe its the "bloated moron index" BallBuster. Or how about the "bowel movement index" maybe Jeff eats a lot of laxatives.


"The Captain" said...

Thanks Halfman,Dawn, and Robert. I hope everything is going good for you.

Pandora Woman said...

You know it is odd...I used to love coke, then I switched to Light or Zero (for the life of me I just don't get what the difference is), and now I find I just don't like it anymore, FORTUNATELY.

I drink a lot of water, some tea, and my trusted home made smoothies.

Having said all of that, You are still Mr. Inspiration to me.

Anonymous said...

You are so right Robert. Lots of useful info in your post. Thank you for your input. I think you have really opened a lot of peoples' eyes here on this site.

Tom Hughes
San Fernando Valley

Anonymous said...

I hope you are blessed with a wonderful weekend and a lifetime of continued success and gratification.......Robert

...and please do not be discouraged by your dissenters, great minds have always been ridiculed by the mediocre.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I am failing to use my avatar due to the hate mail that is so routinely passed around on this blog. You have really fooled us all this time. I believed you and you led so many of us to think that Body Mass Index is seen as a true indicator of fitness. Your constant babble about BMI is useless. I trusted you and you tricked me.


Anonymous said...

Bring back that dude Gerbil T. He is hilariously idiotic!!!

Tom Barnes

Penelope said...

In Texas it's all called Coke. It doesn't matter if it's Coke, Pepsi, or whatever. It's all Coke.

Karen drinks Diet Coke like it was going out of style. She's like a crack addict with it.

-- P

Rebecca said...

You can keep the soda's, if I can have the tea...iced and sweetened , that is~

Spidey said...

Soda is carbonated water, sugar, and coloring.

Coke Zero is pretty good, will have to try it more often.