Tuesday, July 03, 2007

227 lbs. 17 to go!!! and the captain is impersonated!!!

The Captain is back on track. Hopefully one more week will give me 223 which will give me a bmi of 27 and put me one step closer to my goal of 200 by my 39th birthday. Thanks for all the positive feedback.
update 7/4/2007
Weighed in at 226.8
The captain was impersonated by an evil Captain America and Bucky. I wanted to thank this troll for his creativity. Just for the record I am not going to start up a bondage and fetish site. Better luck next time guys!!!!!


Chris H said...

Mate you are so close! A BMI of 27 is awesome!!!!!!!

"The Captain" said...

Thanks Chris!!

Half Man said...

You are unstoppable. You can reach your goal. I am sure of it.

Christine said...

Good going!! Keep it up!

ArleneWKW said...

Congratulations Captain. You are doing an excellent job steering your ship in the right direction.

"The Captain" said...

Halfman,christine, and arlene,
Thanks for all the encouragement. I am almost out of the wilderness and headed for the promised land of a normal weight.

Spidey said...

You all need to lay off of Jeff, it is fairly obvious that he is not the one posting those messages.

I would think it is someone who opened an account and put his name on it. Anyone with any e-mail address (including Hotmail.com) can open a Google blog account.

I bet all these perv messages will be gone when Jeff notices.

"The Captain" said...


"The Captain" said...

I just killed some trolls. I hope everyone had a good fourth. I wanted to thank the evil captain for some good laughs and more motivation to lose weight. If you want to see the antics of the evil captain go to the villain voice issue 3.

Lady Rose said...

Darn I'm disappointed to hear that I had photos all ready to send you! Just kidding.

What a nuisance trolls can be.

Congrats on your progress!

Health and Happiness, Lady Rose

"The Captain" said...

These trolls are like whack a mole. They never go away.

CactusFreek said...

Gee Captain, you are into bondage AND stealing AND mental issues!
The only one i'm interested in is the bondage...please go on lol

Good on you for getting so close. Keep up the great work! :o)

"The Captain" said...

Thanks cactus.