Wednesday, August 08, 2007

We are family!!!! And the Captain gained 3 pounds!!!

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The weight loss bloggers are sticking together which helps our fat molecules come uglued. I think by Chrismas we are all going to be looking great. Congrats to Halftheman,Spidey,kb, and last weeks champion Farley. Let's throw the trolls under the bridges. If you get a message from the fake captain copy and paste it on my site. It should be good for some laughs. I hope this guys parents don't get mad at him using to much bandwith and exhausting all their cell minutes. Maybe he should get a hobby like knitting?
I am going to weigh in tommorrow. Hopefully, I can squeak a goose egg. Thanks again guys.
Update. I weighed in at 223.9. Back to the drawing boards.


Spidey said...

You are a pretty cool guy, Jeff. You sound a little tired there, get some rest! I appreciate the kind words, you have inspired me again!!

Anonymous said...

The Crabster thinks you should get a voice coach and speak more clearly. The Crabster believes that your fitness level needs to improve drastically. The Crabster approves of your weight loss plan.

Crabby McSnarky

angelfish24 said...

Keep up the good work. Even if your wt loss has slowed, that's to be expected as you are getting closer to your goal. We gotta just keep on keeping on. Some weeks it's dang hard and there is no end in sight but most weeks I just remind myself how much more healthy I'm feeling now.

Pandora Woman said...

*laughs at the idea of this weight loss bloggers family*

Count me in, I have found that blogging AND reading other bloggers blogs...that is a lot of blog word.... helps me stay focused and centered.

My weekly WW meetings are a hoot and do the same. And to be honest I need that. I admit I am weak!

yesterday someone invited me to a diner with colleagues of old. But of course she planned it on mmy weighing evening.

Her remark: "Well, I am sure you can skip that once?"

My answer: "NO, I may make a concession and skip the meeting, but I will go in to weigh"

And mind you, it means travelling about 30 minutes by blinkin'public transport for a 3 minute action, and returning to where I was to go have that dinner.

But it is all worth it. I broke the 50 lbs mark!

This week was a whopper for me. So I gladly donate my 7.1 lbs in the "shed lbs trash can"

I am looking forward to reading how much you shed this week.



Anonymous said...

If all you blobs were exercising during the time it took to listen to that two day long podcast, you'd be skinny and starving for food!!! Go to the gym or by a treadmill you lazy bitches!

Hardcore Harry

Anonymous said...

Jeff, I saw a pic of you with the bat car. After I saw you, I threw up. 3 pounds of puke lighter. Thanks for the inspiration.


Anonymous said...

Jeff. Funny hipcast! Hope you had a great vacation. It sure sounds like you did. I don't read blogs all that much at all, but yours is absolutely awesome. It's not only fun to read, but also informative (sometimes)...ha ha I do want to ask you what happen to all the villains. I know they are a nuisance, but dammit, they are hilarious. I am an idiot to say that I used to wake up and read your blog before I read the newspaper and went to work. What can I say? Villains fighting, biting, clawing, and scratching each other..SO ENTERTAINING! Bring them back if you can CAPTAIN. Summon the villains!

All The Best,

Brad McGill

Anonymous said...

You a cheap ass bitch ho. Give the brother something to eat cracker.


Anonymous said...

So true Harry, fat people are fat because they are lazy. Period. They are fat becuase they would rather mope around on their computer feeling sorry for themselves than doing something constructive like taking a walk or riding their bicycle. And Jeff, I hope you didn't donate all your "fat clothes" to charity, because you will definately be needing them again. C-Ya fatties, gotta go for an afternoon jog.......Greg

texasgal said...

I enjoyed your blog today, thanks for all the inspirational words for us weight loss warriors LOL.