Wednesday, August 15, 2007

2 more pounds

The Captain gained 2 more pounds. 225 is my new weight. At this rate I will be at 300 this time next year!!!!!


Anonymous said...

That is the self-defeating attitude of a loser. You could never come close to my glorious record of success.

I just bought a new house. My podcast radio show is making money hand over fist, and my other business ventures are golden. I am the ultimate success story. You should listen to my podcasts and learn from the master.

I lost 110 lbs., I have a gorgeously thin wife, and my kids are doing TV commercials too. I have the perfect family.

No longer Fatboy

Anonymous said...

Captain, Getting back to you on the e-mial I sent you last week. Is there any way to bring back a lot of those villains? The absolute madness of those idiots bickering back and forth is hilarious. I will trust that you will do what you can.

Thanks again.

angelfish24 said...

It's just temporary weight or just water weight. Come on, you can do this, get back on the wagon if you haven't. There is no way you are going back to 300. Not after feeling this good, physically and mentally right????
Ok, that's my pep talk.

Chris H said...

What the hell are ya doing man?? you are supposed to be losing the final 50, not gaining them! Pull ya finger out!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I knew you were a LOSER!!!

Meow Meow said...

why are you allowing all of these anonymous posts? They suck!

Anonymous said...

Go back to the nose candy. It always does the trick for my Cass. Tell the fake Captain he should look me up in the valley.

Half Man said...

It's just a temporary setback. You will get there. I know that it really stinks to see the number go up. It might be a sign that it's time to re-evaluate your eating habits and/or change your exercise routine. Anyhow, you have stuck with this for a few years so I know you can get past this bump in the road.

Anonymous said...

no you won't babe - you know exactly what to do!

Anonymous said...

Jeff, I never did hear back from you. Is it possible to bring back those monsters?

Patiently waiting.

Anonymous said...

just give up, there is no hope for you or your diet, some people are doomed for failure

Lady Rose said...

I've been known to gain weight from just smelling food!

Some times I think our bodies are just screwing with us.

Mix things up and confuse those fat cells - add a new exercise, some new foods.
Take some new vitamins, add more fiber. DRINK LOTS OF WATER.

But don't fret an added pound or 2 now and then - it's the overall goal that's important. Our bodies are stubborn and try to trick us into giving up - but we have to ignore it and plow ahead to getting healthy and trim.

Health and Happiness, Lady Rose

Anonymous said...

hahaha....i NEVER DOUBTED YOU. your gonna get fatter than FUCK!