Saturday, August 25, 2007

The Fake Captain is back. Look for 6007

The troll who likes to impersonate me is back. His blogger profile is
Just hit on the icon and if you see 6007 at the end just delete his nonsense. I guess his parents must have shut off his cell phone(too many texts and he used too many of pops anytime minutes) .I guess feels the need to desecrate all over the web. It sad that the over 40 troll crowd can't move out of the cabin. Maybe he can catch some bass in the local lake. C-YA on the flipside

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

So Radically Cool. A whole week of weight loss dedicated to an imposter. That's really odd. Why would anyone be running around the city you live in trying to impersonate you? Does he/she look like you? Are they wearing a mask or elephant suit?

I came across your blog several weeks ago and found it quite amusing after reading a blog by "spidey".

Charles O'Riley
Los Angeles, California