Sunday, August 19, 2007


The Captain slammed on the brakes to avoid crashing into skid row. Being roughed up by the villains is not my idea of fun. Chips and Salsa will become a banned food and this weeks real life rogues. Back to the drawing boards.
But, On a positive note let's give Halftheman a hearty final fifty congrats for losing over 7 pounds this week.


Anonymous said...

OOh - chips and salsa - yummy, but definitely not worth undoing all the amazing work you have done thus far!

Anonymous said...

Didn't Skid Row sing a song called, Up All Night "Eat All Day".
Don't feel bad dude, some people were just meant to be fat, and you're one of them.

Alex C.

Anonymous said...

Once fat, always fat!!! Thanks for keeping it real assmunch. I won a bet with my friend that you would give in and turn back into the bacon shovelling, hamhock swallowing, sausage gagging fat guy that you once were! Keep up the good work PORKY! Now go roll around in your mud.

H. Simmons
Greater Los Angeles, CA

Anonymous said...

You were roughed up by villains? Did they sodomize you and treat you like the Skid Row groupie that you always wanted to be? Inquiring minds want to know. What's up with the schematic diagram of the the brakes? You should have posted a layout of a deep-fryer! ANON

Anonymous said...

OOH Robin, you just did a doodie in the batcave! Shut up Fatman, and eat your chips & salsa.

Pacific Ocean

Anonymous said...

ha ha ha fat boy

Meow Meow said...

My God did I love that band in the 90's. I wanted to be locked in a closet with Sebastian Bach...Some friends and I partied with a few of the guys after a gig in New Orleans and in Mobile. Sebastian is a total asshole. The rest of the guys were cool.

Good going on the weight loss Halfthe man!

Spidey said...

227.6 has a ring to it. It could be your lucky number. At your height, it is not so bad.

You can get to your goals, just don't let your success slip away. Maybe your body is adjusting to the weight loss? Good luck!

celtic_girl said...

Try and focus on the positives, you have lost a stack of weight, this is small bump in the road.
Goodluck to you!