Thursday, August 30, 2007

Bizarro Shrek

The fake captain is up to his mischief again. He has succeeded in ruining my blog which is about the only thing in his life he has succeeded at. This bizarro shrek's fiona left him for a different race of ogre, and the older fiona replacement is about ready to give him the puss N boot as well. Over 40 and living in a cabin using all of pop's cell phone minutes. How Sad!!!!No little shrek's for this Bizarro. Fiona said he was to irresponsible for kids.


Anonymous said...

Shrek and Superman? Does this mean that you are now getting attacked by Supershrek. There are so many characters in you blog, I keep getting more confused each time you post.

Kyle Haskings Lancaster, CA

Spidey said...

Dear Jeff,

It sounds like this guy calls you?? The solution to someone who is giving you so much trouble is to change your phone number.

It is kind of creepy to get stalked by a guy. Maybe he is a homo.

Wanna_B_slim said...

Sad how some people have so much time to waste isnt it..
Lets hope they move on and do something more constructive...

CactusFreek said...

You gotta feel sorry for someone who so little life of his own that he needs to do what he's doing :o/

Anonymous said...

It is not me doing these impersonations. I have no interest in harassing any of you fat folks.

Ever since I lost weight, I have a successful career in showbiz and just bought a new house!

formerl Fatboy