Friday, June 01, 2007

The Captain's First Mate

Danny's Journey

Add to My Profile | More Videos All Superheroes worth their salt take on sidekicks. No offense, but fighting obesity is not for Lone Rangers. You need to take on an underling.
I met up with Danny a few days ago. His current weight is 335 lbs. Daniel is just starting his final fifty journey towards a new leaner self. Let's keep rooting for him
On a side note, the Captain weighed in at 244 lbs. 34 more pounds to go!!!!


Dawn said...

If my maths serve me right, that means you've lost a pound even though you've been injured. Well done, Captain. If Danny can show half your determination then he will succeed. I wish him well with his final fifty journey.

Half Man said...

Way to go on your weight loss. Good for youfor taking on a side kick. I am sure that if he listens to you, he will be well on his way.

Anonymous said...

You need to introduce him to the Crack Pipe and Amphetamines. That will knock off the first fifty pounds, and a six month prison sentence should do the rest.


Spidey said...

Good work with the sidekick. Hopefully he will actually give it a shot. Keep us updated!

Anonymous said...

if you is gonna go dat way, at least find a nice lookin guy.

The Prowler