Saturday, June 23, 2007

Weigh in Tommorrow and why we need protection

I am going to post my weight tomorrow. Hopefully I can break through the 230's and hit 229. I feel like I am going to do it. We will see.

Well, I hit 229.4 This matches my 1995 low when I was on a diet which started at a high of270. The funny thing about that 95 weigh in was that I really thought that I had arrived. The next 30 pounds would be a snap.
I noticed myself becoming a drive through junkie and reinstating bad habits again. While interestingly enough I initially maintained a weight around 229-235 for a few months before I headed south and ran to the border. Plateau's work both ways. You can gorge and gorge and gorge and not really pack on any weight, for awhile, and then all of a sudden you jump 10 pounds and the cycle continues itself. I think if I can share something for anyone stuck at a weight for a few weeks is to remember that this stickiness is there for our "protection". It prevents us from both starving to death or weighing 500 pounds. The virtue of patience is the primary key to weight loss success. Enough rambling. I am going to weigh in on Tuesday morning and I hope your weekend was great.


angelfish24 said...

Way to go on getting to the 220's!! I like to say, 'goodbye to the 230's forever!'

"The Captain" said...

Thanks angelfish. I hit 229 again this morning. My goal is to be 219 by August 1st.

Don Q. said...

I agree with you about the sticky weight. It works both ways. In general I have found that weight that comes off at about the same rate it goes back on.

angelfish24 said...

Darn trolls! Now they are leaving nasty comments on my site...think they want us all to quit viewing your site but hey they can't stop the nicer posters from visiting.

And, didn't their momma teach them 'if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all!'

"The Captain" said...

I know spider thinks I am wimping out, but when I publish I am going to put up 2 post. My regular weight loss and the villains voice. All the trolls comments will be relegated to the VV column.
I am hoping to squeeze out another pound and hit 228 tommorrow.