Saturday, June 23, 2007

villains voice

Believe it or not I had some requests to bring back the villains. The first comment is a combination of a rogue attack on my site yesterday that I chose to delete. Maybe that was a mistake. What do my fans think? Let's here some feedback


Anonymous said...

Seems like a bunch of whiners, suckers, losers, and maggots on this site.


keep it up crabshack. Finaly some common sense on this site. Sick of all the fatties always whining. COnratulations? for what. for doing what he should have been doing his whole life? what a lazy pig to get 200 pounds overweight in the fist place. I weight 170 pounds, am I looking for a pat on the back? no way. bunch of goddam nerds.

fit, slim, and disgusted by fat people in LA
Keep eating those chicken fingers. I mean lizard fingers. The only gum infection you had was a pallet of Wrigley's Spearmint! Keepin' it real.....With pinchers, shell, and all!

Crab Man,

You sure got the nerve to come on here and throw your weight around.

Fish Lips

The only one throwing their weight around here are all the fatties. Get that straight Fish Lips. Or was that "FISH & CHIPS". Don't let Jeff deep fry you and put you in his basket full of potatoe wedges. OUT OF MY WAY


You are all so rude!!!!! Can't we just all get along, and see some hot pics of Angelfish24 in her bathing suit?


I'll take that bet..Jeff isn't wearing a girdle..He's wearing two of them..I repeat, two girdles, if not more.
Don't like getting pinched? Stay the "F" away from the "CRABSHACK"
HEY, here's an idea. Why not have Jeff post a pic of himself in a bathing suit? That should be worth a few laughs. And for all you idiots out there.....Those aren't lizards on Jeff's hand, they're either alligators or crocodiles! That should give you some idea how BIG this guy REALLY IS!!!

Once Pinched, Twice Shy

The only reason you like "Take me out to the ballpark" is because you want to eat all the hotdogs.

The Vulture

Don't forget the cotton candy. Afterall Jeff is the "candyman" or "twice the candyman".

meme is what gay dudes do when they want to avoid butt-jacking.

Jeff likes to kneel and bob for candy from his sidekicks.

Crappy McSlutty
You gots to stop slurping dat sperm, boy.

Da Prowla

The allmighty "CRABSHACK" is here to stay people! So get used to it. Oh ya, Angelfish24, where are those pics. We're all waiting.

Nice one Crappy. Keep it up! You can't be Slutty, if you ain't Crappy.

Locked and Loaded


What was that? Jeff likes to get on his knees for Bob! You are too funny McSlutty!!!

Bout' time we get some real heartfelt comments and honest truth on here. I was tired of reading all of this sappy "you're doing so great Jeff" BULLSHIT

Get the LOWDOWN on the HOEDOWN...

"The Dong"


Do you speak any other languages besides English and Pig Latin.

"The Dong"


Benji Fredricks

Jeff, one question. Why wasn't one of your favorite bands you listed "The Fat Boys".

The villains have returned.

Who was that masked man?

Speedo Where idiots join together to help each other cope with their problems. Wah Wah Wah

Villains or no villains...I want to see some ass.


6:35 PM

Spidey said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
angelfish24 said... commment. Ok, a comment. I don't like spammers and I delete them if it offends me. But, finalfity, if you like it or the negative motivation, then you keep the comments. I'm all for the positive.
And no, whoever you are, you will not see my hoo-ha's in a suit. Guys always want to see them, ha. Just for the hubby.

Chris H said...

I hesitate to even comment, cos I don't fancy any of your "nasty readers" to come visit me! Good work on losing so much weight, and I'm totally behind you on getting to goal, it can be done, and it is so worth it. Obviously your nasty commentors have never had a problem with weight...but I bet they are NOT PERFECT! NO one is, and the reasons why we get overweight is not as simple as "fat and lazy" as so many people seem to think.... people who live in glass houses should not throw stones, and what goes around comes around, I totally believe in that. So, do unto others as you would have them do unto you and all that ..... Man, I hope you have had a wonderful weekend, thank you for stopping by my blog, and by the way, you are looking bloody fantastic!

Spidey said...

I think the anonymous villains are part of being The Captain. If you are going to block the villains, then you might as well become The Private and be private.

If you can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen...

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...
Like it not, the villains are the only ones who are being honest and sharing their true heartfelt opinions. All the rest of you are just there because you are just as pathetic as Jeff.

Long Live The Villains!


1:10 PM

Anonymous said...

You are so right. You should run for President. I admire your thoughts. Thanks for sharing. Oh ya, and Jeff, which leg do you think is going to weigh 229? Do truck stops let you weigh yourself at their truck scales?

The Vulture

1:23 PM

Anonymous said...
How do you fall asleep every night? By singing yourself Twinkie Twinkie Little Star.

It's never too late to be a villain!


2:39 PM

Anonymous said...
By the way, where are all idiots that usually post on this site hiding?

Curious in Calli

2:41 PM

Anonymous said...
Bitchin' site dude. Just found your blog on a link on Pizza Hut's "All You Can Eat Buffet" website.

Keep it up PORKY!


3:26 PM

Anonymous said...
As the host of a radio show, I can honestly say that your podcasts are weak. You are definitely not able to carry my jockstrap.

I lost over 110 lbs on another website, and all of my radio audience followed my amazing progress. You are just a piker, and hardly worth notice. I would pack it in right now if I were you, as you are nothing compared to me. I look a lot better than you do. My photos are posted where my fans can see them. I did it first, and I did it the best.

Normal Boy

4:00 PM

Anonymous said...
Ha Ha, good to see some normal people finally posting on here.


4:10 PM

Anonymous said...
Normal Boy,

Congrats..Way to lay it all out on the line. As for you Piker, take your hand out of the cookie jar and go back to generating your worthless podcasts. You're nothing but a copy cat fake.

The Dong

4:15 PM

Penelope said...

Bottom line: it's negative energy. I wouldn't focus on it.

Go 'Stros (speaking of negative energy)

-- P (the cat)

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...
You are weak hearted fat ass bastard. Why not believe in free speech and let villains post here. You keep erasing legitimate comments posted by fellow bloggers. You should be ashamed of yourself. If you were really as determined as you said you were this would not be happening. So take that ham out of your back pocket and chow down Porky..OINK OINK


11:13 PM

Anonymous said...
Now that Sir Douchebag has become a Knight of the Pork Bottoms, he must do as the other fat wimps do and maintain a Disney-like PC blog where only fat fairies post.


6:11 AM

Anonymous said...

So now all the villains are relegated to one tiny section of the website?

We made you Cappy, you were nothing before the villains were heckling you. Nobody used to visit. Now you turn you back on your first friends?? Even your podcast sidekicks have been kicked to the curb.

Now we see your true colors.

Crabby McSlutty