Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The Captain hits 228

The Captain stuck with the finalfifty program and had another pound off the scale. He still can't drive 55. 200 lbs by September 25
Update 6/29 Weighed in at 228.0 and goose egged it. Better luck next time


Half Man said...

There is no stopping you. I am sure you will hit your goal

Kirk said...

You're doing awesome. It's really cool to see someone actually succeeding at this weight loss thing.

I can't wait until I lose about 8 more pounds so I can start my own push for the final fifty!

Dawn said...

Keep going, Captain Jeff. There are lots of well-wishers behind you.

angelfish24 said...

Way to go Jeff! You are doing amazing.

Lady Rose said...

That is terrific! ***waves pom poms and cheers*** Lady Rose

Spidey said...

Congratulations! Soon you won't even be fat!

Penelope said...


Houston, we've now got 3,000 hits.

Onto the all time hit- by- a- pitch record.

Go 'Stros,


Penelope said...

Did you hear???

Marvel Comics is killing off Captian America


This is a real bummer. Who else will keep up safe from international evil doers?

-- P

Dawn said...

That cat is so darn well-informed!

I hope you're going to vote on my "should I keep Saffron as my avatar" poll, Captain Jeff.