Friday, May 18, 2007

Seven Deadly Sins

seven deadly sins

Add to My Profile | More VideosRan into Chris a few days ago. He spoke of obesity being one of the seven deadly sins.He has lost over 65 pounds and deserves a standing ovation.
Are the obese and superobese similar to the drunks and drug addicts that you can find on skidrow? Heroin users wear long sleeves, while the obese shop at the tall and fat shop to hide their bodies. Employers can require applicants to submit to a drug test, while the obese may cheer at stopping the dopers, they hypocritically apply for a disable placard and demand a scooter. Maybe the druggies are more honest? "Food" for thought. The captain has 6 more pounds to permantly set sail for overweightville and leave obesetropolis behind forever. It takes losing 114 lbs. to finally see the truth.Ex methheads see how wrong their habits were and how they weren't being good citizens. Do we care that we skyrocket the nations health care bill? I include myself because I have been part of the problem. Is the captain cracked? Hopefully, my fans can give their feedback. Remember, annoymous commenters need to leave handles. It helps promose a healthy exchange. Finally,follow the finalfifty program and come aboard. It is time to never look back!!!
The Captain


Talia Mana said...

Without knowing the other 6 sins it's hard to put this in context, but I suppose it could be likened to gluttony. However I think mos obese people experience enough guilt and insecurity without adding the label of sin to their emotional load

Anonymous said...

Talia, it is true. Obese are also guitly of sloth and most of envy as well. Most Obese commit half the deadly sins on a daily basis. Obesity and the corresponding health effects are their judgement, their punishment. I firmly believe, based on the scriptures, that god punishes the obese. Pray and repent, and the truth will set you free.


Half Man said...

I don't think obesity is mentioned as a sin in the Bible, but gluttony is. Obesity is the result of gluttony.

Societally, I think the issue is the same. With the CDC reporting 2/3 of the adults in the US are overweight and more than half of those in the obese category, obesity has been declared an epidemic.

I think this puts the focus in the wrong area. We are looking at the result rather than the problem. The problem is not obesity. The problem is poor nutrition and exercise. Or gluttony and sloth (at least in terms of exercise) if you want to put it terms of the 7 deadly sins

Congratulation are nearing the realm of fatness rather obesity. I can't wait to get fat myself :)

Anonymous said...

Talia. Obese people should feel guilt and insecurity for their disgusting habits and appearances. They should appologize to the rest of the world for us having to endure their sight and smells. I noticed you are a speaker, use your influence to tell these fat asses to get it together. I have zero sympathy for whiners who blame everbody but themselves for their problems, while they are cramming yet another twinkie down their throat. I have to agree with Elijah, god is punishing fatso's for their sins. And kudos to Jeff for recognizing his past mistakes.


Anonymous said...

New look, same stupid material.


Spider said...

What happened to the seven favorite albums?