Thursday, May 24, 2007

The Captain's log of 7 favorite albums

I thought this was going to be an easy task when Spider tagged me to compile a list of my 7 favorite albums. The difficulty was narrowing it down to my favorite 6. I now tag Half the Man,Don Q , Dawn, twicetheman and Gynipher
1. Van Halen 1984 still brings back memories of my first kiss over 23 years ago on a bus going home from Magic Mountain. David Lee Roth was at his pinacle, and Eddie was Eddie. Enough said. I think it is the one album that defines the eighties heavy metal scene. Maybe this group was what the movie Rockstar was based on. If it wasn't it should have been.
Dancing on the Ceiling cover
2. Lionel Richie's Dancing on the Ceiling was a masterpiece. I guess I loved it so much because I bought my freshman year of college. I remember listening the title hit while driving to one of my first college parties. Little did I know that going to that gathering would lead me to spend an extra year in college making up for all "my dancing on the ceilings"
Open Up And Say...Ahh! censored cover (1988)
3. Open Up and Say...Ahh by poison. Poison was one of the eighties best Glam Heavy metal bands. Nothing but a good time and every rose has its thorn were the two bests songs on this album.
Wilson Phillips cover
4, Wilson Phillips, the album with the groups name. was a changing of the guard from the eighties to the nineties. Hold on and Release me were songs I remember well when I lived near New York. I think it was the only great album they produced. I am happy Ms. Wilson finally got control of her weight.
Tails cover
5. Tails, by Lisa Loeb, was one of the those albums that was worth buying for the strength of this one song. Although she is not a one hit wonder, Stay(I miss you) is a song that will be played for many decades and many will always be indentify it as her only top charter. To this day it really a song I cannot fully get out of my mind.
The Way It Is cover
6. The way it is by Bruce Hornsby and the Range is one of the few lp albums that I saved. The way it is and mandolin rain are songs that bring my first year in college back crystal clear. I was more idealistic and less cynical back then. I wish I could return to that life perspective. It is something that I am working on
7. OU812 by Van Halen is an album that I loved because they tried to break their own mold. Eddie on keyboards. It was really bold. When its Love and Cabo Wabo were the two best songs. I am one of the few fans that loved Van Halen and Van Hagar. One of the biggest regrets I have is missing David Lee Roth touring with Sammy Hagar a few years back. Thanks Spider for making me dig deep


Spider said...

I saw Van Hagar with Eddie on keyboards and they SUCKED. Alice In Chains was the opening act and they were easily ten times better than Van Sammy.

I was hoping to hear Eddie playing lead guitar, and I only think he played the lead on a couple of songs. The rest of the time he was playing his weird keyboard guitar. It was keyboards on a guitar frame. Talk about lame-O. Then I bought their live double album, where every other word from Sammy was an F-BOMB, and most of the live versions of their songs sucked.

All that being said, I was a big Van Halen fan, and had all their albums until the late 1990s when I sold most of them on e-bay. 1984 was a great album, OU812 was all Sammy (IMHO). I think around that time is when Eddie was far down the path to being a full-time drunk.

Anyhow, that just my 2 cents, hopefully that fatboy dude won't do a podcast about it.

"The Captain" said...

The keyboards sucking was the view of at least 90 percent of their fans. I thought it was bold. Sometimes being bold can leave you broke,sticky, and confused. Thanks for the assignment.

Half Man said...

1984 was the last VanHalen Album I bought. "Hot for teacher" was great, but for me, they jumped the shark with "Jump." I think Rockstar was based off Judas Priest. Honestly, I never thought of VanHalen as heavy metal. Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Twisted Sister, Quiet Riot, Ronny James Dio, Ozzy were what I remember as Heavy Metal. I did see VH in concert for their 1984. Of course, I loved it.

Anonymous said...

Why didn't you add your recent favorites? Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds,Puff the magic dragon, and Cocain.

Dawn said...

I can see I'm way out of my league here with you music buffs so won't reveal my ignorance by commenting on who was playing what where. The thing I like about music is how just one bar can bring memories of some long-ago time swimmming back with all the passion and intensity of the moment.

Anonymous said...

The only reason these losers know anything about music is because they are shut-ins who never leave the house.

I have my own radio talk show, and I am a real success story.

Check out my latest podcast where I rip the geeks again...

"The Captain" said...

Why don't you post a link to your podcast or should we just guess where it is?

Dawn said...

(chuckles behind her hand in a very lady-like manner!)

Penelope said...

People get so passionate about music. I don't know anything about such things, so I asked Karen (the human who lives in my house) for her opinion.

She likes your list. Her only concern was you don't have any U2 or Sting listed. Karen loves U2. She loves Sting even more (it probably has to do with all that tantric stuff-- whatever). Poison makes her think of high school (as does 1984-- although she wasn't in high school in 1984). She doesn't like Wilson Phillips, but she does like that Lisa Loeb CD (Stay is one of her favorite songs-- makes her think of college).

I asked Karen what she thought the seven greatest albums of all time are and she said she'd have to think it over. But the list would include Bruce Springsteen.

--Penelope (the cat)

Penelope said...

BTW: Karen just saw your website. She commends you for all you have lost (and the insite you've gained in doing so). Good Luck with the final 35.

and Karen

"The Captain" said...

Penelope and Karen,
Thanks for posting on my site. Pepperspray is essential to put in your purse when you post on this site.
Please go through the archives and vote for your favorite villain. A. is currently winning. Next months blogpoll is whether to banish the villains to the phantom zone.

White Rose Boy said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog, I did this tag recently and it is so tough, my music taste changes with my mood.
As for your choices they are interesting although I don't own any of the albums you name. I will add Poison's "Every Rose has a thorn" is a all time classic.

Anonymous said...

Puss music, truly disturbing and sad. Butt rock and girly anthems, are you f^%&*%^ serious??????????????

I can't even address the Bruce Hornsby, without wanting to rip the eyeballs out of my head.

and Lisa Loeb, dude when did you grow a vagina?

CactusFreek said...

Wilson Philips? lol
I love Van halen too :o)