Tuesday, May 08, 2007

In search of Alan's Camcorder: Part 1

In search of part1

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FinalFifty.com caught up with Alan in search of his lost Camcorder. Many fitness principles are discussed, and we get a tour of Mr. Clean's apartment. Spider you are going to love this one.
The Captain.


Anonymous said...

W. T. F.????????

Spider said...

Alan W*reman? Is he one of those attorneys that works out of his house? Post his business card? Maybe you can sell some advertising on the side?

"The Captain" said...

Google Analytics is showing tons of hits from Los Angeles. Maybe we are being featured on a fatboy's radio show? I hope one of his listeners can put a link down. Roasted Captain and fried spider sounds pretty good for dinner.

Anonymous said...

How about roasted Fatboy? He is probably weighing about 600 pounds now and he is doing his podcasts from his mattress where he can roll over once a day so they can hose him down and scrub him clean with a street sweeper.