Monday, May 07, 2007

Darcy Dave get Dicey

Darcy Dave's advice: Join the Navy

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A veteran shows his obesity battle scars, discusses why joining the Navy can help you drop a few pounds , and finally how to give patriotism the Darcy Dave Display.


Spider said...

It figures that a Navy guy would want to show you his package. The guy looks like he is in great shape. I hope you don't get arrested at doing these weird interviews.

mr. know it all said...

hey spidey go blow yourself, better yet, why dont you ,A,and lackluster have a 3 way blow job contest amongst yourselves (P.S. HAVE LACKLUSTERS WHORE VIDEO TAPE YOU GUYS SUCKING EACH OTHER)

Spider said...

Dear Mr. Know It All, you sound like an obsessed cornholer and lifelong cum-guzzler. Maybe you should ask Jeff where he finds all those Navy Seals and do your own web-cam suck-blog.

Anonymous said...

That video was weird.

Anonymous said...

mr. know it all sounds like a faggot pretending to be a tough guy. Get a grip cum sucker. You are the same kind of guy that jerks off to your mom's cosmo mag's. Pathetic loser. Get off this site. This is for straight, fat bashers only. go to to be with your kind shit licker.