Thursday, March 27, 2008

Going out of town

I will be back next Saturday. I enabled comment moderation so I will post all your comments when I get back. I apologize if anyone had their feelings hurt by "Trolls gone wild"


angelfish24 said...

Thought you were giving away all your beer....ha.

Anonymous said...

Moderation is for wimps. In your case, fat winmps

Anonymous said...

How's it going, fat ass?


Half Man said...

Hope you are having a nice trip. I never thought I would be getting close to you at this weight. You can turn things around. You know what to do.

"The Captain" said...

Thanks for stopping by angelfish and halftheman.

Spider63 said...

Jesus Christ, you are totally undoing everything that you did. STOP NOW!!

You can turn it around. Don't let the haters and melon-heads win!!