Sunday, March 23, 2008

250.6 and the Captain gets a new guru!!!!

It is a little difficult admitting you hit over 250 after experiencing so much success last year. However, I am facing it head on while having peace on the journey. I am currently listening to Dr. Wayne Dyer's "It's never crowded on the extra mile" It is a very thought provoking CD set. Any comments from the group?
The Captain


Anonymous said...

all aboard! next stop fatsville!

HA HA HA!!!! LARD ASS!!!!!

angelfish24 said...

That's very mean the comment above. Don't they know about karma....what comes around goes around? Why don't you moderate your comments?
Anyway captain, thanks for the easter best wishes. As for your new guru. I do like a lot of what he has to say when I see him on tv. The thing he says about giving away all your worldly possessions or your favorite things...would be a hard one for me to do. Well, I don't know. Share some of what you are getting from his lectures here.

cmae said...

Wayne Dyer is um...I can't stand him, Jeff! I know, isn't that awful?? I'm so sorry!

It sounds like he's working for you though, which is all that matters. :-)

Okay, so it's been several years since I've listened to his stuff. Maybe I should keep a more open mind about him.

"The Captain" said...

cmae and angelfish,
I thought I would shake up my life and listen to his CD. I am finishing up the last one tonight. I also bought his becoming a nolimit person off of Ebay. Maybe next month I can walk on coals bearfooted with Tony robbins!!!!

Anonymous said...

Looks like Melon-Head deleted a few of her posts.

My new slogan is:

Anonymous said...

Melon-Head and Penis-Face have fight.

Hulk Smash!

Spider63 said...

Geez, I just got an email from Jazzy Jeff! He is really busy, but he told me that CMAE is a girl.

Sorry about my remarks regarding the melon. I saw that ugly photo of the proto-humanoid and presumed he was the one posting messages.

Again, you have my sincere apologies.

I sell Geico for a living, so I know how you feel.

Anonymous said...

I have not been here in a while. Imagine my joy to discover that the Catpan has stumbled, nay, COLLAPSED, nay, COMPLETELY CAVED IN???

You once made fun of me, even though I was successful in losing over 110 lbs. Now I laugh at you. You are a failure on a level that I could never have expected.

As I sit here in my new house, looking at my new car in the driveway, while my hottie wife sleeps in our bed after mind-blowing sex with me, I realize that I am wasting my time by even feeling sorry for you. You are totally beneath me.

I accomplished my goals. I received recognition in my field. I have accomplished financial success because my accomplishments fueled me forward.

You could have learned at the feet of the master. I would have helped you, but you thought you could do it alone. Now you have failed. Soon you will reach 300 pounds and then you will have a heart attack and die.

This is the fate of failures. Those who fail reap the karma they sow.

formerly Fatboy

Anonymous said...

What a freak show! Fat people attacking fat people. Or is it OBEAST? I guess you are all OBEASTS?

Either way, disgusting obeasts you be.

Godfrey Chamberlin

Anonymous said...

250 Pounds? Fuck. Thats Huge. Have you tried just not eating for like two years?

Gerald (165 lbs.)

Anonymous said...

All abourd the PORKER EXPRESS!! Lots of obeasts riding here!!