Sunday, March 25, 2007

Greed is Good

I have to stay away from Hometown Buffet. I always overeat there. That is why I failed 5 years ago and regained over a hundred pounds. Today, I try to put myself into positions where the odds are in my favor,a form of insider trading for fat people (smile) with no jail time,but a punitive smaller waiste size (punishment from the SEC). Remember, Gordon Gecko's wisdom,"Greed is good". Be greedy about your fat loss. The idea of creating a winning environment is a golden key to your success.
The Captain

March 25, 2007


Anonymous said...

"Feed is Good"
Porky Pig

Pull up to the trough Porkchop.

The only insider trading you've done lately is to swap a bucket of Crisco for Gerbal T's prized Game Hen.
34,available,Fit,tall, and a 6 figure income to boot. Nice try Losers. Get a life.

Anonymous said...

your confusing the Securities and Exchange Commission with the free shirt Dr. Phil gave you for being the star of one of his shows.
Super Extreme Canopy

"The Diamond"
Dallas TX

Spider63 said...

Just back away from the table! I used to love those buffet restaurants. My friends and I would even go to those old-school places where you could see roaches walking around if you took your eyes off the food. They used to call it chink-chow.

"The Captain" said...

Since I quit eating at the buffets I am always pretty hungry. One of those roaches sounds pretty good right now. I think I will fry it in olive oil to keep it heart healthy. Plenty of Omega 9's. Sorry Jimmy, no Crisco for the Captain. He's keeping it Lean.
Jeff Rhodes
K-town, California

Anonymous said...

34,fit, and rich? You sure got a rad avatar for second life. Did you create it yourself, or just steal it on a bit torrent site? You better hurry along now, your DM just called, and the teen titans voted to kill your character off in Dungeons and Dragons. And you thought going stagg to the prom, and a face full of pimples was your only worries?

Anonymous said...

Fat bashers, skinny bashers, and bashers who bash the opinions of others - just increase the peace. Please stop hatin' here and judging and telling people to get lives.

Anonymous said...

fuck you Jenny