Thursday, March 15, 2007

The Captain starts a Podcast. Click to subcribe

I wanted to invite the fans of to subcribe to my podcast. I will be adding a new show once or twice a week. I started the podcast off with audio archives. Here is a link to subcribe through itunes or any other service Just copy and past it. Unlike weight loss, it is very simple. I appreciate all your support.View RSS XML


Anonymous said...

Why stop at Blobs and Pudgecasts? Your message helps soo many people... Why limit yourself? Put down the fudgebrownie,don't get excited Gregory,that was fudgebrownie,not fudgepacker,turn off Dr. Phil, and go to the hard work of thinking of new and creative ways to be the cheerleader for your finalfifdy freaks. Here's some freebies Jeff, ,"Fishing with Fatties" and "bowling for Big Macs"
Houston, TX

Anonymous said...


So this is what you have been doing lately. You never cease to amaze some of us. When are you going to climb out of that rock you have been hiding under?