Monday, March 19, 2007

Captain Likes Broccoli

The captain is rattling your cage to lose some weight.


Spider63 said...

Losing weight is not a contest. Who gives a shit if some guy lost 150 pounds in six months. I know that reading about how somebody else is losing weight a lot faster than you are can be depressing.

I have taken three years to lose 150 lbs. Nearly everyone else has done it faster. Fuck them. At least I did it. And I didn't need any fucking gastric bypass surgery.

"The Captain" said...

One problem with the biggest loser show is that it makes a 1 or 2 lbs. loss in a week seem small when in fact that is solid amount to lose in a week. Sometimes I do like to shoot for 3-4 lbs and be happy if I get 1 lb.

Anonymous said...

Your lucky to get 1 lb. a month. Give up Goober.

"The Captain" said...

World's Healthiest Foods lists peanuts(Goobers) as being good for you. Thanks for the diet tip. Don't you and Jimmy stay up to late, tonights a school night.
Captain out.

Anonymous said...

Awful bitter spider aren't you? Well shit, if I looked like you I would too.

Anonymous said...

Spider seems like a depressed loser fat ass. Maybe he should get the surgery because I bet he can't lose it on his own. There is too many fast food places within driving distance. (You notice I did not say walking distance). Spider and Jeff need to join the biggest loser competition. You guys are "heavy" hitters.