Friday, November 02, 2007

Back to 218

I quit weighing myself for over a week and gained back five pounds.
The Captain


Half Man said...

So what is the reason for the gain? Have you been eating pizza and beer sitting in front of the TV all day? Is it just a fluctuation? Is it water weight? Is it from muscle gain?

My weight fluctuates from day to day, sometimes drastically. I have always been told that I should weigh at the same time, on the same day, once a week. I could weigh myself other days, but that one day I picked would be official. I assume that that accounts for weekly fluctuations and gives you a clearer picture of you progress.

In the end, if you are eating healthy and exercising; if you are leading an active lifestyle; if you are living fit, then try to think about where you are now compared to where you were.

I know how that scale number seems to have so much power to affect our moods. We need to put the scale numbers into the big picture of our health and well-being.

Don't give up. You are doing great!

cmae said...

What Half Man said! Don't let this get you down!

Lady Rose said...

It is amazing how quickly it can come back on. As the line from the Harry Potter movie goes "Constant Vigilance!" Most likely it's just water weight, from increase sodium perhaps. But don't be discouraged. You can succeed and be healthy - it's not all about just the numbers on the scale.

Anonymous said...

You are weakling. You are girly-man. Arnold never gain back weight. Arnold keep it off. You must drink more beer and stop eating candy. Candy is for little boys.