Monday, November 26, 2007

Ron Paul doesn't like fat people

I guess presidential hopeful Ron Paul doesn't like us overweight folks. Is losing weight as easy as telling somebody go on a diet?
The Captain


Anonymous said...

Way to go Ron, you got my vote. You heard him, be responsible for yourself and quit blaming society, your genes, your thyroid or whatever you do to avoid being responsible. All you fat people brought it on yourself - GO ON A DIET.

Ron Paul Supporter

Anonymous said...

I am glad Paul hit that fattie with both barrels.

Anonymous said...

Ron Paul is Looney Toons. Believe it or not the only one who made sense in that Clip was Mort.

Ironside said...

Morton Downey Jr. has been dead around twenty years! Ron Paul just told the fattie to go on a diet. That is not hate, it is love. Lose a few pounds, chubbo.

Anonymous said...

fuck yea, sew your fat mouth together and quit eating everything in sight. Fuck fatties.

Anonymous said...

No surprise, most people don't

Anonymous said...

Who does like fat people? Thats the question. They all stink, are ugly and very lazy. Name one good looking fat person. Bet you cant, becuase there are none.

Penelope said...

Jeff, you have quite a group here.

Ron Paul in my congressional representative. He is a medical doctor (ob/gyn). I would think he has some knowledge about obesity in being in that field, although I know from other doctors that opinions vary as far as medical philosophies on how to address/ prevent/ treat it. In 1988 he ran as the Libertarian candidate for president.

I'm going to spare you my Dr. Paul lecture. All I'm going to say is this: be careful what you wish for. I truly believe "government is best which governs least", but I'm not sure I buy the part about "government is best which governs not at all".

Something to consider.

-- P