Thursday, May 08, 2008

Squirt handicapps Spidey's Chances of beating the Captain

Squirt handicapps Spidey's chances against the captain

The Captain weighed in at 255.9 which is a little less than yesterday. Half the man,yelp, and Spidey are going to be left in the dust.
update may 9th
update may 10th


Spider63 said...

Beer-Belly Squirt better watch out or I will pass him too.

I am down six pounds since the challenge started. I am going to bury Captain Flapjack and Squirt and Halfman and Yeldarb.

This is war!! Want to put $50 on it, Squirt?

Anonymous said...

Fifty bucks? Shit, that won't even pay for the twinkies your going to eat tomorrow Spidey.

What do you weigh, 290? Not bad if your a sumu wrestler or a 5 year old hippo.

I'll bet a hundred to see who can run a mile faster. (hint: It wouldn't be you)

Frank the fatbasher

Spider63 said...

You guys talk the talk but you don't walk the walk.

Captain Gass and his sidekick, the Squirts are just dreaming of a world where fat people can drink endless amounts of beer and never gain weight.

Hey Squirts, maybe if you stopped drinking so much beer you wouldn't have the SQUIRTS all the time!!