Sunday, May 25, 2008

Final tips on dieting and drinking

The Captain weighed in at 257.2 lbs. I have to kick it start or I am going to lose the 4th of July challenge.


Anonymous said...

I'm kinda lost here. New to this site. What is the 4th of July Challenge? Is it like an eating contest? How many hot dogs you can eat in 10 minutes type thing. Is that why are gaining all this weight right now to stretch your stomach out? Well good luck and hope you eat a bunch of them. Larry

Anonymous said...

this is yamaguchi yamamoto. I live in japan. I train for hot dog eating champion. can u give me tip? I hear you can eat thirtee hot dog in two minute. I want to learn from master. Can you help me?

Anonymous said...

Where weight gain is sad and tragic. Where is Squirty?

Mel Kuperstein
San Isidro

Anonymous said...

yamaguchi you no pro. this is Takeru Kobayashi, 7 time world champ at eating hot dog. 63 in 4 minute. me finish second last july because jaw hurt. fat american like captain jeff no competition. I know jeff eat maybe 50 hot dog in 12 minute, but not 63. I bet you yamaguchi or fatso captain Jeff 10000 yen i eat more than you. see you in NY in July.

7 time world champ
Takeru Kobayashi

Anonymous said...

This is Tiki Sakamoko, world champion sumu wrestler. I know I can defeat all of you in buffet combat.

Captain Fatso is losing July 4th Challenge to fat ugly woman names Sayre which is some kind of skin rash.

Sayonara suckers

Anonymous said...

yamaguchi you idiot. why you respect fat american? Jeff have too many chin to eat hot dog fast. his jowels slow him down. last year i see fatso like jeff stuff his cheeks with hot dog like huge chipmunk. no swallow, just stuff. cheater. take up sumu fatsos.

yumi said...

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Anonymous said...

This is Culo Soplapinga, famous gay sumu wrestler and tube steak eater.

I want to meet you boys for some private frankfurter eating. No calories, no cholesterol, just high protein.

CactusFreek said...

C'mon Captain, you can do it. I soooo understand about the drinking thing, as it's my biggest downfall!
But you'll have to decide, does the beer taste better than being thinner and healthy feels?
Maybe you could set goals?
I've decided that i can't have another drink untill i lose another 10 kilos. That will urge me on because i REALLY want a drink, so i'll get there quicker :o)
Can you do something similar?

Yeldarb said...

Looks like someone is having a bit of fun here BUT SERIOUSLY - Basically ONE month left in teh 4th of July Challenge, ARE YOU UP TO IT - One month of extreme FOCUS, give it your best shot because I know I will. b

Spider63 said...

Give it your best Squirt!

Good luck to you Cappy, thanks for the support on the text messages. Where is the blogging gone?

Spider63 said...

Where is Melon Head?

Anonymous said...


Spider63 said...

where are you, it has been two weeks!

Spider63 said...

What has Squirt done with you?