Friday, October 12, 2007

Success tips from Mr. Kunkel

The Captain met up with an old college buddy to find the secrets of sustained weight loss. Maybe it will help me get out of the 213 rut!!!


cmae said...

I'm at a plateau too, though not entirely unexplained, and not entirely best-defined as a plateau, considering I've only lost two pounds! Anyway, I just wanted to say, keep up the good work!

"The Captain" said...

Thanks for the support cmae

Anonymous said...

here's the trick cmae. Eat all you want (like Jeff does). then just go throw up and repeat the process. Guaranteed to lose weight and break through the plateau.

Iron-Man said...

Why does that guy walk like that? Is one leg shorter than the other? He really seemed at a loss for words, but I like his cookie diet. I am going to the gym now, hopefully I can pick up some cookies on the way back!!

Anonymous said...

You could have been a great podcaster. I wanted to give you a chance, but you turned away from the opportunity.

My fame continues to grow. I am doing fill-in segments for Rocko Pendola on the Metroplex network of podcasting.

Come with me if you want to live.

no longer Fatboy

"The Captain" said...

Nice new photo spidey!!!