Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Final Fifty: Vacation Version 1.0

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Back from vacation. Remember, having fun is your number one objective and a goal of breaking even is both reasonable and realistic. Relax. and remember that half a clam chowder bowl is worth two in the sand dunes. Take a walk on the beach, a real long one, and smell the seaweed. However, just because you are on the vacation version,this doesn't give you a green light to join the porkchop patrol. You may not take a step forward, but certainly don't take two steps backwards.
Final Fifty,
Jeff Rhodes


Anonymous said...

I really like to listen to those soundtracks that you do. About your life and progress in weight loosing. You have a great radio voice. It´s a shame you have not made more recordings than three SERIOUSLY!

Keep it down and you will soon be there! Final Fifty!!!
Best wishes /Your swedish support -by Hannes

Anonymous said...

When you were in Santa Barbara, did Greenpeace try to push you back into the ocean?

fit and trim in Florida