Friday, October 24, 2008

FINALFIFTY.COM back in action

My bid on godaddy was successful.


Anonymous said...

Ya, you GO DADDY!!! Sounds like another one of your perverted games you like to play. You need to seek help and rid yourself of your "dungeon" you love so much. This used to be a great weight-loss inspiration site. Now it's a meeting place for trolls?, yeldarbs, perverts, and voyeurs!!

Concerned in USA

Anonymous said...

Go to hell ANONYMOUS. If you're too afaid to use your real name, get the f*** out of here! You're probably some fat ballsac guy or a super crazy hairy pussy lady!!!!!!!! F-U Keep it all tied together Jeff. Me and some other people are behind you 100%. I like all that stuff you post about wanting the hot bitches to send you their panties. WEIGHT LOSS RULES! YA MAN!!! KEEP LOSING WEIGHT!!

Gerry Halopian
California, USA

Anonymous said...

you are a dickhead Gerry
the whole halopian family is full of shit.


Anonymous said...

You Are All A Bunch Of Fucks!

Frederick Sorsky

Anonymous said...

Fuck you Ralph. Your "Bushwacker" shit isn't fooling anyone. Oh ya, by the way, I fucked your sister Kerry last new years eve and she's looking mighty tasty for this new years again.