Wednesday, April 30, 2008

256.8 Sticking with the program

I am back on my 2200 calorie a day plan through the zone macronutrients percentages. Starting over ia a little fun. I should be able to lose this 50 pounds quicker than I did last time(15 months). My goal is to have it all wrapped up before the 4th of July. If the biggest Loser's can do it in a month, I can do it 2 1/2 months.
Just a side note. I am happy that AA works for people. However, just because a person drinks some extra beers for a few months doesnt mean he has to go to meetings. This Captain flies solo!!!!
C-YA on the flipside


Yeldarb said...

We could make it a contest, I need the pressure and motivation.

You can do it...

Anonymous said...

Congratulations!!! You did it! Oops, you were trying to LOSE fifty pounds, not GAIN it. Oh well, there are worse things than a life of morbid obesity. Aren't there? Well maybe not. Kinda sucks being the guy at the supermarket that all the kids stare at and hide behind mom. As long as you are happy being that guy is all that really matters. Keep us posted.

Steven R. Duncan

ArleneWKW said...

I'm sorry to hear about your weight gain and glad that you are still in there fighting. I'd really really caution you against racing against the clock with it, though (a bit of unsolicited and possibly unknown - and obvious - advice).

Half Man said...

Game on...check out my blog

CactusFreek said...

So whats the challenge? Spider said something about weighing yourselves every day? I can't do that coz i don't have scales. I'd be a woman posessed with weighing myself every 5 minutes if i did have scales!
Good luck to you :o)

Spider63 said...

You are sailing on the river of Denial (De Nile--get it?). Just because you spend a few months a year drunk every night is a good reason to go to AA. Especially since you just gained 45 pounds thanks to BEER.

Captain Jack flies solo? Isn't that a Billy Joel song?

Freddy Fitness said...

Captain Fat is back! 256.8 "and sticking with the program?" What program is that? The Burger King and Budweiser Diet???

If I could afford to fly over there just to put a beat-down on you, I would. Pray that I don't win the lottery, or I will be in Sacramento dragging your ass to AA. OK, maybe I will rent a tow-truck. Maybe you can change your name to TYPHOON or BLOB.

You need to change the header to:

"Final Fifty: Where Weight Loss is Sad And Tragic"

BTW, I send you lots of zingers, and you never even send one back. Don't be afraid to piss me off. You know that I like you a lot (in a purely non-homosexual way). I need a little bit of hate-mail too. It is motivating!

C-ya Captain Flab!

Spider63 said...

What happened to posting your weight every day?

What happened Captain Flabbo? Are you past 275 yet???