Thursday, January 18, 2007

Herbal T prepares for a rap battle while the Captain docks in breakevenville


Add to My Profile | More VideosHerbal T hasn't figured out how to post a message yet, but he promises to ask his friends. The Captain is docked in breakevenville. Sorry for going so long without a post. Next week will be different.
Final Fifty


Anonymous said...

Sorry dude, but this website sucks camel balls. And who is Herbal T? Is he mentally retarded or something? Nice of you to befriend him if he is.

Jerry, Georgia

Anonymous said...

What is going to be different? Your lame blob,Gerbal T selling his 10th album and going double digits, or instead of breaking even you could gain? Everyone knows that you will not lose weight except your fan club sandwitch of Greg,Becky, and Judith. Looking at the options gaining weight is the clear winner Captain. Bring back the hot chicks!!!

Spider63 said...

Wow, some harsh remarks. Where is the love? Hope you are successful in your project!

Anonymous said...

Spider, lets face it, the atkin's diet you support is unsound and unsafe. You are looking for a quick fix. Do some research, in addition to losing weight you are breaking down your body. Best of luckk, I am just concerned for you.

David, R.N.

Anonymous said...

fuck fat people

Anonymous said...

Hey Jimmy, Jeff ate the hot chicks. You may not it know but he's on a "see food diet" he sees food and he eats it.