Tuesday, October 03, 2006


I hit a 4 pound weight loss in two weeks while on the road. My weight is 252 and I have lost 8 of the final fifty pounds. I have set a goal to walk 5 miles a day for the next 2 weeks and keep the cals under 1900. I want to lose 6 pounds by Oct. 17. Let me know how you are doing.


Faisal said...

Sounds like a good pace, but don't over do it. Moderation is key.

Anonymous said...

weren't you in that "titleist" episode of seinfeld? you know the one where george saves you?

Anonymous said...

Where are all the jokes ripping on fat people? Now all you have is an old skinny #@*& Wax on wax off!!!

Anonymous said...

This website sucks Geoff... What happened to it? it used to be cool, not to mention hillariously funny. You suck

Anonymous said...

Going to walk off your dinner?
Call me when you get to Argentina.

252 pounds? Not a bad weight for a hippo.

Do your shoes scream in pain while you walk?

How repulsive.

Anonymous said...

you want to lose 6 pounds?

cut off your pinkie toe.

Anonymous said...

Is this a blog or BLOB?

Anonymous said...

Did you go to McDonald's on Thursday?

I noticed their stock was up 70 cents on Friday.

Please let me know next time you go so I can buy some shares.

Anonymous said...

If you won't be eating at Burger King this week please let me know on your BLOB, so I can short sell BKC!!!! When they figure future earnings, do they factor YOU into the equation?

Anonymous said...

Burker King - HA HA HA!!! The only Whopper I have seen is JEFF!!!